Oh Anna Wintour. She keeps throwing her acid at Victoria Beckham’s face. It’s amazing.

This is Posh arriving in London today in a pair of pants from her own line, with black patches on the inside thigh to further accentuate the thinness. The airport is her personal runway. They say the Spice Girls are working on a stage musical. Presumably Victoria is in town for a planning session. Or maybe she was just hungry for a photo opp. Also very possible.

Anything to soothe that poor ego.

Because she still hasn’t appeared in the fashion bible but…

Ashlee Simpson gets a Vogue shoot?

There’s been no confirmation from the magazine but paps claim that that’s where Ashlee Simpson was headed yesterday. NO WAY it’ll be for a cover, hell na. And who knows, Anna could axe it at the last minute – you’ve seen The September Issue, right? – but for now, at the very least, Ashlee’s getting some Vogue love while Posh is still getting the piss off.

Photos from ALMASI/Bauergriffinonline.com