The Spice Girls musical premiered tonight in London. As you can see, Emma Bunton, Mel B, Mel C, and Geri Halliwell, all arrived around the same time and posed together on the carpet. At one point they even found a stand-in. What’s missing?

Well, she wasn’t missing. But at press time I can’t find any shots of her with the others.

Victoria Beckham arrived with her family. Brooklyn is really wearing that suit, non?

I mean, I get it that you want to be with your people, but doesn’t that just make it so obvious? That the other four are over there and you, for whatever reason, decided not come at the same time? Apparently traffic was to blame for her showing up near the very end and not early, like the others. Or it could be Geri’s dress...? Can you blame her for not wanting to stand beside Geri’s dress?

But also, let’s not pass up any opportunity to remind us that she was the one who went BEYOND Spice, right?

I really love the shot of her with the disabled person. Clearly she doesn’t practise this pose which would explain why she’s squatting with her feet spread apart when she could have easily and more comfortably leaned in and over... or is that not a good angle? Always prioritise the angle.