It’s like we conjured her!

Mentioned the other day that Posh hasn’t been papped in weeks. This is not her usual form. Then several of you mentioned seeing her on Idol the other day. And last night Victoria Beckham stepped out to attend the BritWeek Charity Event in LA, poseharding her fake tits off in a black tuxedo with nothing underneath. Side boob is holding up nicely, non?

I don’t see much of a difference in her face so if she had something done, it must have been with Demi Moore’s person.

Posh has been wearing her hair up a lot. Am curious to see how long it is now. She’s obviously growing it out. Perhaps when it’s time for World Cup, she’ll be ready to debut the new style. Yes, I know Becks probably won’t be playing. But they’re supposed to be attending. And aside from the play on the pitch, Wag Watch is really one of the highlights of the entire event.

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