Tired of getting out-thinned by Lindsay Lohan lately, Victoria Beckham showed up at the Armani store opening in New York last night with a retaliatory skinny salvo!

Who dares challenge her starvation throne?

As you can see, she is reclaiming her rightful spot at the top of the emaciated mountain.

As you can also see, Posh’s hair is growing ever so slowly, evolving into a shaggier version of her pert little pixie…and I love it so much. She may not be a deserving clothing icon, but she is certainly a worthy Hair one. Big ups to Mrs Beckham for daring to cut it down, unlike this weak bitch … yeah me… I contemplate suicide if my hair doesn’t fall past my breasts.

So for sure…Posh definitely she belongs on the Herbal Essences Award Season hair page. Click here to see who she’s sharing with. She’ll be happy. She’s bonier than all of them.

Photos from Wenn.com and Splashnewsonline.com and Flynetonline.com

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