Between Fashion Week and TIFF, many celebrities are jetting back and forth from NYC to Toronto. In Victoria Beckham’s case it’s from the west coast…LA to New York to prop her concrete tits in the front row at a series of shows including Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta.

Off topic for a sec – what do you think of Marc’s backward heel?

Back to Posh. Am over the blonde. Love, love, love for the summer, now it’s just tired. Weak. Played out. Change it.

Am also over the Leger wrap dress. Once Jessica Simpson wears one it’s like an immediate sign of passé, you know what I mean?

Here’s the over blonde, over orange, over chav Mrs Beckham in several outfit changes the other day trying to usurp attention away from everyone else. Worship her.

Check out the way her hands are positioned just so about her face. Wonder how many hours she spent rehearsing this pose? Clearly her efforts paid off.

Honestly don’t know how this crazy bitch lives in heels. It has been 7 straight days of heels at TIFF. Every night on the carpet and then straight to the parties. My feet are throbbing all the time. Hope I don’t get bunions. My feet are rather unattractive as it is, with my 2nd toe longer than my big toe. Can you imagine if I added bunions to the mangled mix?

Can you imagine what her feet must look like? Bunions as big as her concrete tits?