My friend Lorella took her boys back to school shopping the other day. She messaged me about not being able to find Laurentian colour pencils which are, we both agreed, FAR superior to Crayola. I tried to stay away from retailers this weekend knowing it would be back to school crazy but as I’m leaving for Toronto tomorrow and TIFF for 10 days, I needed some supplies too. Jacek decided to take advantage of this and send me on a search for his underwear. He is obsessed with a particular brand of underwear and is becoming more and more militant against wearing any other kind. This is why I was at the mall on back to school weekend. Posh was at the mall on back to school weekend too. Posh has three boys. And she accompanied all three of them to the Grove on Saturday presumably to get ready for the new year.

Baby Harper Seven came along too. I LOVE the print on her little outfit. Which you probably didn’t notice because you’re too busy gaping at Posh in flats. What is this world? Just the day before Victoria stepped out in massive Louboutins - click here to see - despite whatever back problem is reportedly ailing her while visiting Maxfields. Ah but David was around then. And he was the one who carried H7. Am I being too generous in assuming that Posh is careful, and prefers to hold her newborn in steady safe shoes instead of tottering around on 6 inch crazy heels? Because that’s actually what I think this is about. And I kinda love it.

Just me, or is it killing you too that Cruz is a mini Brooklyn in their skinny jeans?

Also, Brooklyn is 12, almost as tall as his mother. This is freaking me out, and he’s not only not my child, he’s the child of someone I look at in magazines. How did that happen???

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