OK, I’ve only read two of them -- The New York Times and USA Today -- but both were, like, super gushy. It sounds like Victoria Beckham’s F/W 2013 collection is her strongest yet. I posted the pictures in LifeStyle last night. Click here to see. They all pointed out that tuxedo cape too. And her show had the most buzz all weekend. Even the bitches who hate her at the Daily Mail had to grudgingly give her a compliment.

After her triumph, Posh and Becks went out for lunch with H7 who was clutching a rose in her hand.


I can’t with this child.

She is too much, SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!

And she looks really good in brown.

No time to rest though. After their meal at Balthazar (why go to Balthazar when all you order is steamed veg and fish?) Posh went right back to work, probably to prepare for Victoria, Victoria Beckham. Posh looked pretty tired on the runway yesterday. There’s effort there, for sure. You have to give her that.