The Spice Girls have apparently been invited to perform at the Closing Ceremony at the Olympics. Four Spices want to do it and one Spice is cockblocking their efforts. Guess who?

According to UK gossips, Victoria Beckham will only do it if they make a pact never, ever to re-band again. Posh, as you know, no longer wants to be associated with that time in her life. She’s a fashion designer now. She has no interest in reminding everyone how she became famous.

Naturally the others are pissed and some of them, like Scary and Ginger, are allowing their people to leak to the press that Victoria’s being a selfish bitch. In addition to the attention-whoring opportunities, representing country at the Games is a great honour. Posh is being accused of depriving her (ex)friends of the honour.

But there’s more to it than that. You know how Posh is when cameras are around. She needs to be able to cock her hip and control every angle. At this point if the Spice Girls really were to appear at the Closing Ceremony, they’d have to be rehearsing already. She’d have to have several outfits in play to test on stage. She’d demand that they’d shoot her only from certain directions. She’d have to work out something in the choreography that would require her to pose only and not much else. You saw how she looked when they were all reunited recently for Viva Forever - click here for a refresher. And those were only still photos. Imagine how it would be at a live event? There are the four other ones dancing up at the front. Where’s Posh? Oh off to the side just... being thin. Considering that Victoria is now only photographed exclusively wearing her own clothes, in her mind it doesn’t serve her brand to be up there wiggling her ass one minute and then meeting with buyers to sell her collection the next.  

Did you go to the reunion tour? God it was 5 years ago - how did that happen? Anyway, during the show, every Spice gets a solo. The others, during their solos, they sang. You know what Victoria did? It was the best. She walked down a runway. For real. That’s it. That was her solo contribution. I suppose that’s what she could do this time then, right? While Ginger, Sporty, Scary, and Baby are delivering the hits, Posh is off at the other end of the stage, modelling her various dresses.

Attached - Victoria and Romeo in Paris shopping today.