Well that’s it then. Victoria Beckham covers the August issue – twice! – of British VOGUE which basically means she won’t cover American VOGUE in 2014. One of the writers at etalk wondered whether or not this was the magazine equivalent of being three times a bridesmaid but never a bride. No disrespect, of course, to British VOGUE, which many consider to be more fashion forward anyway… but then again, this isn’t about what you perceive to be true so much as what SHE considers to be better. And American VOGUE has always been her dream.

What we’re seeing here is Country Posh. She’s in wellies. She’s in a big sweater. There are no heels, at least not in the shots they’ve revealed so far. She’s trying to be serene in the nature. Because she’s 40 now and she says she’s figured it out:

"I looked at it [turning 40] and said to myself, I have four incredible children, an incredible husband, a business that's doing very well. I've worked hard and achieved a lot. I don't think I could have achieved much more. I wouldn't be where I am without David. He gives me the security and encouragement to do what I do. I do the same for him."

Also, she hangs out with Gwyneth Paltrow. And Valentino. And then she started working out with Tracy Anderson:

“I had dinner in LA with Gwyneth Paltrow and Valentino, I said to Gwyneth that her body looked amazing and she introduced me to Tracy Anderson.”

Posh and GOOP? When can we get that on Instagram?

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