You know she designs “haute couture” now, right? A debut collection of 10 dresses shown in New York last week that Vogue incomprehensibly called “one of the hottest things going in New York.” Anna Wintour must be trying to sleep with David Beckham.

Two of Victoria’s items are showcased in this week’s issue of Hello Canada which reports that Posh’s vision is receiving “rave” reviews.

For real?

Posh’s pieces feature “bespoke tailoring, removable bone bodices to hug in the tummy and assist with proper posture” and will range in price from $1,500 to $3,600.

Mrs Beckham claims she’s creating timeless pieces, that she thinks about every detail, that her look is classic and elegant and that her work is crafted with the same artistry and precision as the others…

But $3,000?

For Victoria Beckham?

Here’s the thing.

Let’s say you can afford it. Let’s say you can spend 3 grand on a dress. Would you spend your 3 grand on a Victoria Beckham over a Zac Posen???


More of Posh’s collection in this week’s Hello Canada.