Posh had been rocking her bob for over a year – it was getting stale, it was time for a change. And of course, in true Posh fashion, she chose to debut the change in dramatic fashion, pretty much stealing the spotlight at the Marc Jacobs show in NY for fashion week alongside Jennifer Lopez.

Check them out upon arrival: Victoria and the Lopez pretty much eclipsed everyone else, engaging in a fierce pose-off for photographers in contrasting black and white. Perhaps they even eclipsed Marc Jacobs? Will Marc appreciate being eclipsed? Doubtful. 

But he’s powerless vs the new crop. 

So… do you like the new crop? 

LOVE the new crop. Admire the new crop. The new crop is way better than attaching a new weave. The new crop should have been Britney. But Britney was not brave. In this respect, Mrs Beckham is brave. Not everyone can work the baby hairs around the temple the way Halle used to do. And certainly not Chinese people. Our hair grows up and out and not against the head. This is why, when I tried this myself, the results were a f&cking disaster. 

Victoria is lucky, her hair happens to grow that way, she was made for this cut. If only she’d eat a little more, she’d look amazing. 

Like the JLo and her juicy body. Side by side, you can’t argue with the evidence. 

Curves > bones. 

Knowing Posh though, she probably had it chopped to further accentuate her thinness. Sick bitch. 

But there is a smutty void. Have you noticed? There is a third missing… 

Where is Katie Holmes? 

Katie is in New York. Katie loves fashion. Katie used to roll with these girls. In fact, these girls met because Katie got married…

Was it a classic high school mean girl oust? Did they break up with her because two works better than three? Or is it a case of Tom Cruise not letting his prisoner out to play? 

Am tingling in my gossip parts… keep you posted. 

Photos from Wenn.com and Splashnewsonline.com