Victoria Beckham was in London last night out for dinner with D&G. At the end of the evening, the alleged style icon went home in a black cab. Poor thing must have cried all the way home, exposing her Birkin to the riffraff like that.

As you can see, even though it was probably not warm, Posh decided to go without a coat. After all, she has a new bridesmaid/mother of the bride dress she wants to show you. Gold with satin trim… it’s actually what my mother wore to our wedding reception. I think we’ve already established my mother’s style fashion factor, non?

As usual, Posh made sure to matchy match head to toe. Red shoes complementing the red bag with tan accent and grey nails, of course, because everyone else is wearing grey nails.

Can you be called a style icon if you don’t actually start anything?

Just asking.

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