Anna Wintour is really, really, REALLY sticking it to Victoria Beckham, oh la.

Anna Wintour also might just be losing her f-cking edge. Either that or the economic crisis is putting a serious cramp on her styling.

First – about Shelf Ass Jessica Biel. You saw what she wore to the Oscars. You saw that napkin. You saw the Prada disaster.

That Prada disaster was named by Vogue as the 3rd best dress of the night…


Turns out, Shelfy was styled by Conde Nast so essentially they were voting for themselves. Bullsh-t.

And then…

Like spiking Victoria Beckham’s cocktail with melted butter…

Anna Wintour features Stephenie Meyer in the March issue of Vogue. Stephenie Meyer is, like, not Vogue sized. Posh is vogue sized but Posh still doesn’t have a US Vogue cover. Well no wonder she’s been extra skinny lately.

Anyway, lost in all the Oscar hype, Victoria threw a birthday party for little Cruz the other day. This is what she wore. TO A CHILDREN’S BIRTHDAY PARTY.

By contrast, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden were also invited with Harlow. You will note Nicole is wearing a white tee with cut offs. Presumably much more stain friendly. I don’t have kids but I’m assuming arts and activities and food throwing are involved in child celebrations?

Can we assume then that Posh doesn’t participate?

Click here to read the Meyer article in Vogue.

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