Better this I say than the punk ass hypocrites like Avril Lavigne and Ebola and even Ashton who claim they don’t want the attention and need it the next minute when they have something to sell.

Posh will never say she doesn’t want the attention. Which is she drives around in a f&cking white Porsche emblazoned with her initials. How can you not love her? This bitch makes my life. And she makes no secret of the fact that she asked for this. The shutter is like her oxygen. She said as much in Vogue UK in her cover issue:

You know what? You make your bed, you lie in it. If David and I go out and have a nice dinner in London, you’re going to get photographed. I get seen when I want to be seen, at the end of the day.

She gets seen when they want to be seen.

Same goes for Brad and Angelina, same goes for Nicole Kidman, same goes for Jennifer Garner, same goes for all of them. Which is why a show like Pop Fiction is so full of sh-t. Ashton exposing the media for the frenzy? Punking the paparazzi?

Bitch… please!

How ‘bout this Ashton? How about exposing the celebrities for their DEPENDENCE on the paparazzi? How the f&ck do you think Rumer Willis got a job?