Victoria Beckham dropping Cruz off for day camp in – what else? – sky high stilettos. Apparently she can’t walk in flats anymore. No…seriously.

Cruz is 2 and a half. And I can hear it now, though I have no opinion on the matter given I don’t have any of my own…but the sanctimonious criticism from the mommy crowd is already gaining momentum. A pacifier…still!!??!!! Like said, no clue from me either way…though I have to tell you, I wish J Brands looked as good on me as they do on her.

As for news on the tour – apparently she was well pissed when they airbrushed her neck tat off the back. See attached.

The translation for her body ink: "I am beloved and my beloved is mine".

Needless to say, given the hordes of horny hoochies (me included) throwing themselves the world over at her man, I’d be inclined to leave that warning on there too.