NY Times Style profile on Victoria Beckham. You know what? She gives a good interview. She gives a FUN interview. So I’m not excerpting it because I don’t want you to miss out on her tone. She is at once cheeky, but also honest, and, when it counts, very serious, especially about her business. Which may include shoes in the future. And that makes sense. But I can tell you, that woman has a tolerance for foot pain that few can match. So I’m not sure if she’s the best judge of shoe comfort, you know?

During the interview, Posh smiles, and claims to smile a lot, especially in photos – but only family photos, because she thinks people look stupid when they’re smiling for the paps. Also…she eats. Salad, corn soup, and fruit…


That’s sugar. So…really???

And would you be surprised that she goes to Tracy Anderson? Of course she does. She’s the Tracy Anderson body type – allergic to curves. Allergic to curves married to a man who went to culinary school, what? I’m telling you. It’s a good read. She is a good read. She is a lot of personality and we really don’t see enough of it.

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