Posh! We get it! We’ll never ever question whether or not some yo yo crack whore dieter like Lindsay Lohan is thinner than you…never again.

You keep it consistent. You maintain the Skinny. You relentlessly pursue the brink point of emaciation vs survival. You are the Boniest Queen of Them All.

So please, we are sorry.

Will you stop trying to prove it to us?

This is Victoria Beckham at the annual Elton John Oscar party last night in the most slimming black dress, at every f-cking angle. As you can see, Posh is proud of her lean lines. She cocked her pose extra hard last night to show them off.

And it totally paid off.

Eva Longoria, Kate Beckinsale, and Dita von Teese all looked like monstrous gluttonous carbohydrates addicts next to her. Yay!

Who’s waking up happy this morning!

Photos from Wenn.com and Gettyimages.com

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