She was purple in Denver the other day for American Idol auditions and extra, extra thin. Look at those bones popping, and the skeletal arm…

Apparently some people weren’t thrilled to see her.

Knowing she’d be on tv judging and being judged, Victoria Beckham must have not eaten for at least a week to prepare. It’s how she controls her nerves, you see. When she’s extra anxious, and some things seem beyond her influence, the one thing she can dominate is her appetite.

Something she cannot dominate is her husband’s libido.

And so this is Posh flying back to LA on Saturday, hair severely pulled back, perhaps to join David Beckham tonight at the Teen Choice Awards?

Not sure if she’ll accompany him. But if doesn’t, she will be waiting at home. And by the phone. No shenanigans. And if that’s the case, let her come with him to pose her tits off. Could always do with a dose of Beckham porn.


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