Yes, Victoria Beckham is wearing flipflops. Evidently she won’t take her kids to play basketball with stilettos on. So there’s one activity. Speaking of flipflops, I’m giving them away – click here for more details if you missed today’s open.

Posh is also working on a ponytail. Jesus she looks almost kinda normal. And you will note the bulldog, Coco, a gift from Victoria to David last Christmas. Now you know I like taking my shots at the Beckhams, but no one loves to hate the Beckhams more horribly – and hilariously – than the British press. When Coco first joined the family, the Daily Mail published this article condemning the couple for bringing home the puppy because it would likely die prematurely:

“Mind you, the latest addition to the Beckham family, bought from a breeder near their country pile in Hertfordshire, won't be with them for very long. On average, bulldogs live for only about six years - which is less than half the lifespan of more sturdy breeds.”

Harsh, non?

Anyway, we happen to have a bulldog staying with us the next couple of weeks. He’s called Nelson, nickname Nelly. I was Nelly’s nanny for a month until he was old enough to go to daycare at 12 weeks. Nelly belongs to my friend Julie who is away on holiday. He sleeps all day, snores very loudly, farts even harder, drools nonstop, and loves to kiss. Marcus is totally over it. But if Coco is anything like Nelly, there’s a lot of fun happening in that Beckham mansion.

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