The Sun is reporting that Posh is currently convalescing in the South of France from a recent breast reduction. Becks and the boys are with her. Apparently she had the procedure in LA 3 weeks ago…which means that they would have already been taken down when we saw her last week, headlights blazing, nipples tweaked and begging to be photographed – see here.

No, no Posh, that’s not the point.

While the tabloids claim that Victoria’s downgrade was self motivated – she’s a fashion “icon” now and wants to shed the chav – other gossips suspect that the directive came from Anna Wintour herself.

You know Anna’s happy place is denying Victoria on the cover of Vogue. And she would never put her there with those concrete tits looking like some common divorcee with fake nails and a French manicure.
As such, in a bid to finally win over Wintour, word is Posh decided to scale it all back. Sort of.

And why has she been keeping such a low profile these days?

They say it’s for the same reason. Anna supposedly thinks that if she keeps running around like a pap whore, why would anyone care when she’s on the cover of a magazine if they can see her every day in a brand new outfit.

Grudgingly Mrs Beckham has obliged. But Anna still hasn’t given her blessing. She’ll make her crawl for it.