Eva Longoria keeps yapping about her pregnancy rumours but the thing is… I can’t remember any pregnancy rumours about Eva Longoria. I just remember her talking about pregnancy rumours. Which is probably how the rumours got started. Does a rumour constitute a rumour if you keep debunking the same rumour you started? Mindtwister.

From mindtwister to mindf*cker, how about Victoria Beckham.

So she claims she’s a “fashion” girl now. She designs her own items, says she’s, like, all up in the know about merchandising and manufacturing and materials and style – a hands on premium denim peddler who isn’t just a figure head. She’s also getting all her friends to wear her jeans too.

But like the bitch we know and worship, Victoria isn’t doling them out in the right sizes. And this is apparently the reason why Eva Longoria was “rumoured” to be expecting:

"Victoria gave me a couple of pairs (of her jeans) and I love them. They were so tight, my gut was hanging over the top before dinner. Then, we came out of the restaurant and I was totally bloated. And now, apparently I have a baby bump!"

You’d think Mrs Beckham wannabe couturier would know a thing about sizes, non? Absolutely she would. And she does. Which is why she probably gave them to Eva in a smaller size deliberately. Just because she HAS to be the thinner one in photos.

Do you love it, or do you LOVE it?

Source Wenn.com

Photo from Splashnewsonline.com