Posh went shopping yesterday with David and also with main Mo, also her hairstylist, who featured so prominently in her tv show. He’s a doll, non? Sigh. Breaks my heart I could dirty talk him and he’d rather throw up than c*ck up, you know?

Look closely at his D&G shades – crystals in the corners. Do you love it? Bet your boob job he’ll be unhappy with his double chin though. My Mo would have been in surgery five minutes ago if this was a photo of him.

And her monogrammed head rests kill me.

Anyway, the two them of them decided to go grocery shopping – after all, Becks and the boys have to eat. As you can see, Victoria was in full on matchy matchy mode yesterday, from the beater to the bag to those shoes. Amazing how she’s managed to own that birkin in every colour.

As for her Hollywood career prospects, word is she’s confirmed for Ugly Betty this season – a perfect guest spot, don’t you think?