Victoria Beckham en route from LA to London yesterday in yet another comfortable travel ensemble. It’s her husband who’s been in the news this week – Becks has publicly declared that he wants to stay in Milan and finish his career in Europe. This of course leaves the LA Galaxy to decide whether or not to allow this.

He committed to them for 5 years. He’s only fulfilled 2. But if they keep him, they’ll know his heart’s not in it. Was his heart ever in it? And how about her heart?

Posh seems to have become firmly entrenched in Hollywood. From the very beginning they accused her of pushing the decision to move to North America. Rumour has it the Beckhams will summit in the coming days to hash out the family direction. She also, obviously, has to check in on his activities. Although he seems to be pretty focused on football these days, you know what he’s like when she isn’t around…

Does Victoria want to move?

What if Anna Wintour was factoring into the decision? Heh.

You know she wants that Vogue cover. But if they relocate to Europe, will Posh become less relevant in America? And therefore will the case to have her finally cover US Vogue become weaker and weaker?

Oh please.

Don’t tell me Mrs Beckham doesn’t think of such things.

Look at her. Look at her needing to model a new silver trenchcoat and complementing bag at the airport and tell me she doesn’t spend hours every week scheming about Vogue. Vogue right now is priority #1. She’d get pregnant for Vogue, she totally would.

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