Posh was in Dubai with David on Saturday at an AC Milan party upstaging everyone in a gorgeous D&G dress, much more gorgeous than her own dresses, and likely one she’ll copy for her own label some time soon, having already pillaged through the designs of Roland Mouret.

Meanwhile British tabloids are gleefully trumpeting the fact that Victoria’s one time protégé Cheryl Cole is featured on the cover of the new UK Vogue, an achievement that took years for Posh to accomplish. They were inseparable at the World Cup in 2006, distancing themselves from the other WAGs as Posh mentored another girl band member newly married to a footballer.

Like Mrs Beckham, Mrs Cole was also betrayed by her husband, then numbed the pain by not eating, assisted by some happy habits, is now beloved in England thanks to her role as judge on X factor, and to the Posh-hater’s delight is being celebrated as Victoria’s replacement.

Cheryl is younger…and she’s just as thin. Oh la, it’s on.

Photos from Wenn.com