Maria was texting me the other day about magazine covers – specifically re Scarlett Johansson in Cosmopolitan and why she wouldn’t have been in VOGUE. Click here for a refresher. Then we were wondering who VOGUE was putting up against Beyonce and ELLE for May. “Who will be May,” Maria asked. “Maybe last one for Michelle Obama while she is sitting First Lady. Or Victoria Beckham. Hahahahaha.”

Anna Wintour’s VOGUE cover still hasn’t happened for Posh. But China loves her. And here are her new shots for VOGUE China. Some people are getting all pissy about whether or not this one was egregiously photoshopped because of the way her ass looks:

Why is anyone bothering to be offended by the possibility of Chinese people digitally making Victoria Beckham’s ass look smaller? My people are thin-worshippers. They’re the ones who came up with the belly button challenge on social media last year. And the collarbone challenge. And the latest one about a month ago – the paper challenge. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been told by my Chinese relatives, or just random Chinese friends of my parents’, that I’m “normal size” in Canada and “fat for Hong Kong”. The body standards over there are f-cked up and absurd. But this is not a blog post about the push-pull relationship I have with my culture. We would be here all year.

This is about Victoria Beckham. How “model” she is in these images. And, well, sometimes I wonder if modelling is actually the real dream. Whether or she really designs for design’s sake. Or if designing is just a means to model.


Loved working on this shoot for @voguechina May issue. Thank u @inezandvinoodh, @wendyrowe, @georgecortina and @shayashual x vb

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