It’s 73 Questions with Victoria Beckham. Basically a giant dick suck for her London flagship. And even still, you’ll keep watching. You’ll keep watching how she spends most of the time only speaking from one side of her face. Which, of course, was Mimi’s move…until Ariana Grande decided to borrow it all last year.

For 95% or more of this interview, Posh only gives you her left side. It’s fascinating…and cramping. Wouldn’t it be crampy to have to stay like this, with your chin at that angle, and remember the answers you memorised all at the same time?

It’s amazing right off the top, when she has to greet her own staff person and can’t decide between a hug and a handshake because, obviously, why would she normally have time for a staff person?

My favourite answer?

The Hunger Games.


Next: boasting about living next to Mr Valentino.

After that: boasting about being married to David Beckham.

And then acknowledging that they wore some f-cked up tacky ass sh-t in the 90s. Which is why I’ve attached this photo. She calls back to it.

I do believe her though when she describes herself as “comedy gold”. I 100% believe that she’s funny, that she’s actually fun to be around, that she’s the one at dinner who will come up with the best cuts and the most evil, bitchy games. Anything to distract herself from all the food.