It was originally reported in the UK that Victoria Beckham would not follow David Beckham to Italy for his 3 month contract with AC Milan to stay in LA with their boys.


She clearly hasn’t forgotten what happened in Spain with Rebecca Loos…much to his dismay. The Beckhams are due to arrive in Milan tomorrow for the club’s announcement and Becks was apparently supposed to be interviewed by sports presenter Ilaria D’Amico until Posh found out what Ilaria looks like and cut that sh-t off right away.

With her husband’s history and his proven inability to control his impulses, can’t say I blame her…

Ilaria makes Rebecca Loos look like a toad. And Ilaria’s body is everything Victoria’s isn’t: warm, curvy, built to be touched. Can you imagine what David Beckham would do to that? Is it pervy if I want to imagine what David Beckham would do to that?

Obviously we know why Victoria has decided to tag along.

Here are the Beckhams with their 3 boys arriving at Heathrow earlier this week.

Romeo is so beautiful it’s killing me.

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