I love the side panels on these pants. But is it always winter where Posh goes? They don’t make them small enough for her, do they? On me that sh-t would be stretched out to the point where you’d be able to hear the stitches extending to their limit.

Anyway, this is Victoria Beckham rushing back to Los Angeles immediately following her appearance with the other Spices in London yesterday for the launch of Viva Forever. You remember, don’t you? The other four girls put their arms around each other and she stood off the side so as to properly position her hip cock pose. Click here for a refresher.

Victoria said she couldn’t stay to celebrate some more with her bandmates because she wanted to get home to H7. Then she tweeted last night that she was getting ready for her night out with Marc Jacobs. I guess there’s not that much to do after you put the baby to bed, right? And besides, that’s who she is now. She is Fashion People. Fashion People understand that when you have your picture taken beside your friends, you don’t have to look like you like them.