Can you imagine if it was the other swing?

Like Becks gets to f-ck Katie Holmes and Posh and Tom Cruise try on clothes together?

Win-win for everyone!

No, Posh is swinging for reals. For a TV commercial shoot in London. Swinging in Louboutins. Swinging AND posing at the same time. Very challenging multi-task. This is why she looks so … stiff. Have you ever seen anyone so stiff on a swing? And so unhappy on a swing?

Swinging is the best feeling ever.

I love the swing. We used to have swing competitions when I was young. We used to swing really, really high and then jump off. Or we’d run under someone swinging, timing it perfectly so as not to get clocked in the head. We’d also repeat on the swing ride at the amusement park. And they’d play Top 40 songs going around and around and the feeling was exhilarating…

I wonder if Posh ever unclenches for long enough to feel exhilarated. The closest she comes to that must be shopping.

Anna Wintour should really put her out of her misery.

While we’re on the subject of Vogue – have you seen the August issue with Christy Turlington? STUNNING. And there are old photos included to – from the golden days back when Versace was alive they didn’t get out of bed for less than ten grand. Click here for more. There’s no way Posh will cover the September issue so, really, she only has 3 months left this year.

Photos from Earl/Clements/Splashnewsonline.com