First full weekend in Los Angeles, Victoria and David spent most of it undercover but for a very, very high profile visit with the boys to Toys R Us.

First though – Posh paid a visit to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show on Friday, smiling a lot, giggling a lot, but through it all, always completely posed, every angle perfect, every movement practised, every expression planned from the moment she walked out on stage.

If you’ve watched the show before, you know that Jay greets guests after they’ve emerged from behind the curtain. It’s a very short walk and he comes welcome them about a third of the way over so really, it’s really only a few short steps…not much to do unless you’re Victoria Beckham.

She steps out, looks toward the audience, and then shoves both hands in her skirt pockets for two mini strides just to show them off before taking them out again to embrace Jay. Subtle but brilliant and absolutely rehearsed.

The interview was alright – not her most charming but she did show that other side a little, the side willing to laugh at herself, the side with which she is courting the MiniVan Majority, the side that insists she is not so famous and doesn’t ask to be photographed. Snort.

But it’s her body language that is most interesting. Never has there been another guest on that couch with the muscle memory of Victoria Beckham. Perhaps not even Tiger Woods.

If you know sports, you know what I mean. Every nanosecond of your swing is critical: how far back to take the club, cocking your wrists, driving your hips, not dipping your shoulder too low, following through – even for the masters it’s impossible to master. The Perfect Swing.

Victoria Beckham’s muscle memory is incomparable. Victoria Beckham is the same every time, every minute, every outing, every appearance, every photo.

Can you imagine how much practise? Can you imagine how many hours in front of the mirror she must have spent choreographing one visit to Jay Leno on the Tonight Show?

Posh is a legend.

Check out also – the frenzy surrounding the Beckham’s trip to the toy store in her Bentley. Heard from someone in LA, of all the places, they chose the one on La Cienaga, described by some on the fringe of “ghetto”. Are we shopping with the masses now? With Cruz conveniently holding an American flag.

These two are priceless.

Victoria Beckham: Coming to America. In Canada, CTV tonight at 8pm.