The Beckhams were out today in London. According to the paps, it was an early celebration for Cruz who turns 8 on Wednesday. H7 put on a party dress and had her dad carry her bottle. What’s the rate of H7’s re-wear? Just once? Or is there a recycle system in her closet?

Anyway, here’s something I thought you might enjoy:

My friend had dinner at Cucina Asellina in London on Saturday night. Victoria was seated at a table nearby with some fashion people. His email to me afterwards:

“She skipped starter and then ate a salmon tartare starter for her main (literally the smallest thing in the world) while everyone else at the table had steaks or pasta. Not surprising, but made me lol none the less.”

They don’t serve salmon tartare by the cup. They serve it by the spoonful. I don’t know how she makes that work but that’s why I have a muffin top and she doesn’t: Discipline. Deprivation? It’s a matter of perspective. And choice. Posh chose to have a couple of glasse of wine with her salmon. I guess Alcohol calories > Food calories. See with me, it’s never “or”. With me it’s always AND.