But first...

Look at H7! She’s walking on her chubby little legs!

H7’s mother is promoting her collection in Dublin. Check her out, working hard in a trench coat. Never a candid moment for Victoria Beckham, right? Not even with a microphone in her face. I love the absurdity of that shot.

Anyway, Posh was supposed to remain overseas through the London Olympics. I heard she’ll be involved in one of the culture presentations that typically run during the Games. As the “best” of British fashion or something? Unless she can’t find anything to wear, I guess.

Meanwhile David has publicly stated that he does not want to be chosen to light the Olympic cauldron at the Opening Ceremony on July 27 since he is not an official Olympian; he feels that honour should go to someone who “has done incredible things for our country and won gold medals”. I’m sorry. I can’t find any reason to sh-t on him for this. Have I disappointed you? It’s the right sentiment. That doesn’t mean however that he won’t run the torch at some point. He will also likely have a significant role that night.

We are 9 days away!

Like I said, and I’ll warn you again, I am an Olympic whore. I’ll be hitting you with it the entire time.