Victoria Beckham was honoured last night in London at the Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards. Son Brooklyn, 14, was her date. Instead of pose-harding, which is how she normally behaves on a carpet, Posh smiled tenderly and demonstrated her affection for her oldest child.

Is this the natural progression of belly cupping? That whatever urge that compels a woman to belly cup her unborn child for photos is transferred to the grown child in adolescence? This is what we should be spending our research dollars on.

I have a nephew around the same age as Brooklyn. We go to movies together. I’m the old aunt who picks him up after school and pays for the popcorn and he gives me one word answers when I try to get all gossipy about his personal life. Sometimes, when we’re enjoying a great moment, I’ll throw my arm around him and squeeze. And I’m surprised because he doesn’t shirk or shrink or run away. Now I’m tempted to see what he would do if I took him to a premiere and did the same with cameras around. Because look how sweet Brooklyn is with his mother. He’s not all like, “aw, mom, can you please not embarrass me”. He’s not all “I’m too cool to be kissed by my mommy”. Rather, he seems totally proud of his parent and so happy to be with her. Cute, right?