Victoria Beckham showed her 4th collection yesterday at a private gathering, eschewing a major runway presentation for a smaller, intimate gathering for fashion insiders and buyers. The reviews have been largely positive. It would appear that Victoria Beckham Roland Mouret has a knack for design. Or she’s hired someone who does. Indeed, most of the pieces are wearable, classic, elegant, and interesting. At least that’s how they’re styled on the models. And this is meant to represent Victoria herself. Only when she wears her own clothes, or anyone else’s clothes, she manages to chav that sh-t up right away. Between the tan and the tits and the attitude and the TRY, Posh is TOO into fashion. And part of fashion is a certain coolness, a chilly detachment. Her blatant attempts to be accepted by the industry then are probably why the industry still hasn’t quite fully embraced her. Which could also explain Anna Wintour’s continued rejection of her. Like, you won’t get into that party if you keep telling people you really, really want to go to the party.

Victoria is hammering on that door, she’s been standing outside for several hours, while Anna’s upstairs taking a nap, once in a while parting the curtains to look down distastefully at the desperate who won’t go away.

Anyway, this is the dress she says she’s wearing to the Kodak. Posh told People that “it looks effortless, it looks chic and I’m going to wear this to the Oscars.”


The Oscars are not the People’s Choice Awards. You can’t just go because you want to. You have to be invited. And invitations are extended very, very selectively. Like the Academy would actually invite Victoria Beckham. Please.

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Photos attached of Victoria at Naomi Campbell’s benefit show the other night.