The Beckhams were courtside at the Laker game the other night. As you can see, Posh is trying out some soft waves on her growing bob. Looks good. Really good. She was very pretty that night. Would have been prettier if she’d let herself smile. But of course not. There were too many cameras around.

You will note, even in the photo with David and Romeo and Cruz, all three of them sharing a laugh, Victoria sits between them totally refusing to join in. She is a resolute bitch. And the willpower, I admire it. She applies the willpower to not eating, and she also applies it to not smiling. I am the exact opposite. I cannot starve and I cannot hold back a giggle. I am the worst at not laughing. I was almost thrown out of Chanel one night 3 years ago at TIFF for not being able to not laugh after a ridiculous interview with Woody Allen during which I had to shout in his ear, bent over in my sky high heels, practically nestling my head into the crook of his neck to make sure he could hear me. Sorry, I digress.

We were admiring Posh’s ability to not smile. Brava.

Now I’m admiring his hand on her thigh. It’s a classic Beckham pose. Jacek and I play this at the hockey game all the time too. I’ve mentioned it before, the Beckham Game, so much fun. Jacek will indulge me if I’m extra bored during an ultra defensive game. I’ll say “let’s do the Beckhams” and automatically he’ll know to put his warm hand on the inside of my thigh and squint a little. Usually it’s cold inside the arena too so there’s a functional component to the exercise. Everybody wins in the Beckham Game, see?


Cruz is a badass.

Photos from Kevin Reece/London Ent/