This is Victoria Beckham dressed comfortably for the 10 hour flight from LA to London yesterday in a killer Belstaff leather jacket and Loubie booties. Needless to say, she totally wasn’t expecting to be photographed. Nor did she want to be.

As you can see, even by her standards, Posh looks especially gaunt in the face these days. British tabloids will tell you that it’s because she’s not eating, like EXTRA not eating, over fears that David will cheat on her once he gets to Milan.

She on the other hand would tell you that she’s not looking “gaunt” but “fit”…because rumour has it she’s supposedly been training hard for the Los Angeles Marathon.


The Los Angeles Marathon.

Stranger things have happened, never say never, and with the wonderful technology they’ve developed for intravenous barely there nutrition these days, I’ve no doubt that theoretically someone who starves her tits off could, I guess, complete the race.

It could happen.

But would she ever?

Have you ever seen people running marathons? What they look like? How much they sweat? How haggard they are by the end? How their skin flaps around with every stride and breasts flop around at unpredictable angles?

This bitch can’t get off a plane without having full hair and makeup at the read and accessorised full tilt.

Would she run for over 4 hours, foundation melting off her skin, sweat greasing down her hair, exposed spots all over her chin, as the paps shoot her every mile along the way plastering those photos the next day all around the world as proof of the true Posh?



Victoria Beckham???

Sure. If you say so.

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