The internets are abuzz about Victoria Beckham giving birth today. July 4th is the Beckham wedding anniversary. They’ve hinted that they want to make the day extra extra special. And since she’s having a c-section they can pretty much choose when and where. So rumour has it, it will be today in LA.

Will they call her Independence?

Independence Beckham?

America Beckham!

I still favour LaLa Beckham.

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For what it’s worth, Simon Oliveira, David’s publicist, tweeted several hours ago that...

“Contrary to certain reports, David and Victoria Beckham's baby is not due today and that was never the case....”

But their families are due in town from London some time this week. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Posh was asked recently whether or not she’ll be on the cover of some magazine naked with her baby bump. She intimated that she finds that kind of behaviour...unseemly:

“I’m not really one of those people that likes to go out and pose and flaunt being pregnant. Not like there’s anything wrong in that. I’m so proud to be pregnant and I feel so blessed and so happy, I really do.”

Posh likes to pose and flaunt when she’s NOT pregnant, so what’s the difference? The difference is that she’s big(ger)! There is never a problem shooting her when she’s a negative size 1. If it was possible to get pregnant but not put on weight, you don’t think she’d be getting papped every day? Please.

She wasn’t always so shy about getting photographed with a baby bump. These shots are from 2002. And she probably wants to bury them now.

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