David Beckham at the Gordon Ramsay opening last night, as usual, quivering my loins in a bow tie and a waistcoat with pants that fit perfectly.

While Becks was in Los Angeles Victoria was in New York. Something about meetings with Conde Nast, probably trying to grovel her way into Anna Wintour’s office for an appearance in Vogue. She wants it so badly she’d probably be willing to eat for the privilege, though mercifully Anna hates food almost as much as Posh does.

Posh was also at the CFDAs the other night and was asked to comment on Diddy’s remarks that he’d love to design for David. The Beckhams and Diddy have been tight for a few years now.

"I"d love to do a fashion range with David Beckham. He"s a good friend and is very kind. Us two together doing business would be amazing."

As you know however Diddy’s star is on the fall. And while Posh does not keep up with the Dow Jones, she very much keeps up with the Star Jones – or what I call the celebrity stock exchange – which means she knows that Diddy is not what he once was.

Her response to the question therefore:

"You know, we admire Puffy and he"s a great friend, but David"s a soccer player. He doesn"t have time, and he already has something going on with Asos. Never say never. But not now."

First of all…she called him Puffy, a moniker he officially killed years ago.

And bitch… please.

You know if Nicolas Ghesquiere wanted to do a limited edition for David, the Beckhams would tattoo themselves all over in Balenciaga immediately.

Rest assured … it would NEVER happen.

What she’s trying to say is that they’re too good for Diddy these days. The Beckham Chav is too good for Diddy…

Oh the shame.

photos from Wenn.com