As you know, as you’ve seen, she has one in every colour. And as you’ve probably heard, they’re not easy to get. It’s Hermes and their elaborate secret-handshake-special-customer-stock-in-the-back-but-only-if-you’ve-earned-it reputation. Victoria Beckham appeared to have earned it. But now she’s telling people she can make it.

Posh showed her dress collection at NY Fashion Week yesterday (she received rave reviews) and also sent her new bag line down the runway. You can see them with the models attached. Look kinda familiar?

And then according to InStyle, she was overheard telling a potential client that:

“A Beckham can replace your Birkin.”

Oh yes she did.

Bitch…they made you. Just like Roland Mouret. And every other designer who pulled you away from the chav until you decided to call yourself one of them.

Wonder if Hermes will ban her ass from now on. Just me or is she looking extra foreheady these days?

Photos from Frazer Harrison/