What makes me craziest?

Hearing people, when talking about celebrities, actually trying to relate to them – a frequent theme in my inbox:

Lainey, be nice. Lainey, try to understand. Lainey, more compassion please. How would YOU feel if x,y, and z?

Answer: I wouldn’t.

Because they don’t live in our world, they don’t live by our rules. Theirs is an alternate existence based on standards and procedures and photo ops and acceptable behaviours that we simply don’t understand or, for that matter, condone. So what’s the point of relating?

Simply put, they speak their own language. They use another dictionary – with flexible definitions and a justification and an excuse every time they f*ck up.

So no wonder Victoria Beckham doesn’t consider herself a famewhore. She rolls with people like the Cruises who don’t think themselves famewhores either. Which is why she can say the sh*t she does, truly believing she doesn’t sound ludicrous.

But isn’t that why we love her? Love to hate her?

Victoria is currently in London promoting her line of dresses. During an interview with The Times, she insists that she’s never asked for the attention she receives.

'We lead our lives in a much more low-profile way than people think. I'm not going to The Ivy in Beverly Hills. I don't think I've been to a premiere since we moved there. 'We're not courting fame. I can give you a list of numerous restaurants that have underground parking so no one can get any photographs. Underground car parks and kitchens - that's my grand entrance. But in LA, at least we can be freer. I think the obsession with celebrity is worse in the UK than in America.'


Because we see her at STK all the time, always with an outfit she needs to promote. And Madeo too. And some star friendly sushi place. And for some reason, little Cruz loves going to Saks.

According to Posh Webster’s, this doesn’t constitute famewhoring. Not at all.

She also claims she doesn’t give a sh-t what you think of her. That she’s so secure she doesn’t need approval or too many friends. This explains the one upmanship:

'I don't really care what people think. I never made friends easily. For years, when I was in the Spice Girls, those were my four best friends. Now I've got David. Nothing has ever come particularly naturally to me. It's made me a hard worker and very disciplined. 'I was never that good a singer but I think I am good at fashion. Being in the Spice Girls probably didn't open any doors. I've had to bang them down.'

Celebrities rewrite history too, see?

The way I remember it, the only reason she is who she is is totally because she was a Spice Girl. If she wasn’t a Spice Girl, David Beckham would not have noticed her. And becoming Mrs David Beckham defined her. As it has defined him.

And finally, Mrs Beckham also has her own very unique spin on starvation and hunger pains, explaining that she always sleeps with an notepad by her bed because "I'm always thinking of things in the middle of the night.”

Yeah. Like food.

By the way, here’s what the non famewhore wore to a show the other day in New York hoping no one would notice.

Source Daily Mail