Victoria Beckham in a plain tee and jeans and no concrete tits shopping at Target last night – WTF???

Still… some things never change and as you can see, despite the lack of concrete and couture, Posh still rocked a full face of makeup. She actually looks quite pretty. Really pretty. And maybe even a little annoyed?

David, you see, is still touring Asia with the LA Galaxy. As such, Posh is on Mommy duty with the boys and the timing could not be more terrible. Because she’s had to miss Paris Fashion Week! At the star-studded Louis Vuitton closing show yesterday – bet your boob job she wanted to be there. Badly.

PS. Kanye West was denied an invitation to Balenciaga the other day. Love that there is still some snobbery remaining in fashion, especially since Karl Lagerfeld has whored his elitism away quite readily. Nicolas Ghesquiere apparently isn’t so willing. He of course is a big fan of Nicole Kidman and my Gwyneth. My Gwyneth always gets first crack at the bags. But Victoria Beckham? Can you imagine if Balenciaga turned away Victoria Beckham?

You’ll recall, only a year ago, she was rumoured to only able to get in as Katie Holmes’s “plus one”. I thought it was bogus at the time but people were willing to believe it then. Times have changed, yes. But there is still a lingering sense of chav hanging over Posh’s head...

Photos from TFS