As you know, the Spice Girls are cutting out early from their reunion tour. Initial speculation centred around the Mels – that Mel B and Mel C could not bear each other and that their bickering had damaged the relationship beyond repair, to the point that they could no longer go on. Other UK gossips reported that it was all four vs Geri, and that Ginger felt so isolated, she demanded to be released.

But Mel C performed a solo gig in New York last night at the Hammerstein Ballroom and every Spice but the Posh showed up to cheer her on. Which leaves Victoria the odd Spice out and the obvious one to blame for the tour’s premature end.

Apparently Posh is begging off because she needs to spend more time with her children and her husband, though that certainly hasn’t stopped her from being a permanent fixture front row at fashion week. Or from dragging her youngest out shopping.

Always time for shopping, yes, but no time for supporting friends.

Mrs Beckham, you see, is so over being a Spice. Mrs Beckham doesn’t need no spice. Mrs Beckham will get bit in the ass by hubris. Trust.

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