Seeing the Spice Reunion concert and meeting Victoria in person has only fuelled the sick obsession. I love her.

Only Victoria could take the stage AT A CONCERT and not only NOT SING but strut down a catwalk with a wind machine blowing. Only Victoria. And while the British press continues to find ways to vilify the Girls and the Posh, Mrs Beckham is not apologising for her absurdity – the shameless, ridiculous way she lives her life in a plastic pose.

On her clothing line:
"There are so many — and I hate the word celebrities — clothing lines and fragrances, and most of them have nothing to do with it. (But I’m not like that!) I"m so camp! I"m such a gay man trying to get out. I don"t give a sh*t what anybody thinks!"

No kidding.

She is also rubbing it into our faces who she shares a bed with every night:
"I sleep naked. I"m going to be naked if I"m getting in bed with him David Beckham every night."


But I’d totally buy their sex tape. Don’t lie. You would too.

Attached – photos of Posh in San Jose last night. She only has like three “mic moves” that she repeats over and over. It’s hilarious.