Is cute!

A rare photo of Victoria Beckham after a workout – no makeup. And she’s really, really pretty. So much less harsh, less fake, less waxy. Of course in her mind she probably thinks she looks like sh-t. Dumbass.

The jet setting Mrs Beckham arrived in Milan today showing off her legs and one of her many Hermes bags. She also arrived with enough luggage for a family of 10. Only she was alone. Which means she’ll be in town for, oh, maybe 3 days?

She had a meeting on Sunday with D&G before attending David’s match but business wasn’t the primary reason for her return…

Well no wonder the Mrs is hauling so much gear. It’s time to shut down her husband’s penis.

You haven’t heard about the Hungarian?

See attached. Her name is Mariann Fogarasy, a model, rumoured to have had dinner with Becks recently – he has vehemently denied it. Like an over the top, super gush denial. In an interview with an Italian paper, David explained:

“Ninety per cent of what is written about us is invented. 'The last one was this story about the Hungarian model, I have never been out to dinner with this young lady. I do not flirt with other women - I exist only for Victoria. And just for the record Victoria will be in the stands on Sunday to watch me play against Juventus,”

I believe him. I mean the part that he doesn’t flirt with other women. Men like Becks don’t need to flirt. They just need to be. And it will happen. No effort required on his part.

As for whether or not he’s hittin’ the Hungarian – if he was, he’s not anymore. But his wife isn’t taking any chances.

PS. Another reason why Anna Wintour continues to medieval torture Victoria by keeping her off the cover of Vogue? Maybe it’s because her jeans suck? Word is they can’t sell at a few high end shoppes and now she’s looking for cheap labour to continue manufacturing them.

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