Victoria Beckham is in New York for Fashion Week. She showed two collections. They were well received. She's also been shopping. Which means Harper Seven goes with her. On top of 7 inch heels.

Many of you have been asking why Posh insists on carrying her baby in her arms instead of using a stroller or one of those carrier slings. Come on now. Really? Why would she wrap a carrier sling around her outfit? So unflattering. As for the stroller - it's not a very long distance from the SUV to the front door of the store. She'd consider it a pain in the ass to have to strap it into the pram, bend over, adjust the flap or whatever it is that needs to be done to secure the child; much easier then to hold H7 and strut the 6 or 7 steps into Chanel than bother with all the gadgets. Also, a stroller and her pushing it would cover up her shoes.

And covering up her shoes is not acceptable during a photo opportunity. Which is exactly what this is. And I'd be interested, if that's your position, in hearing your argument about why it's NOT one, though I suspect there won't be many of those.

After all what possible reason could she have for taking H7 to Marc Jacobs and Isabel Marant? If she wants to be with her baby, how is quality time spent with the baby when you're checking out a new wardrobe? She could totally have left H7 at the hotel, with a minder, for 2 f-cking hours to go shopping. Why risk H7 out in public on 7 inch heels? Please. Don't tell me she was breastfeeding in Marc Jacobs and Isabel Marant. She was not. What she was doing was making up for lost time. Pregnancy fat time. Look at me. I'm so skinny. Even though I just had a baby. And these are the dresses from my new collection.


It worked!

I want to buy this!

How much do you love that she's hitting up other designer stores in order to sell HER OWN designs via paps?

Bitch move?

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