That sounds like the title of an after school special. Or an Olsen Twin movie. Back when they still made straight to video movies.

Harper Seven Beckham is in NYC for the first time with her mother Victoria as Posh will be presenting her new collection during Fashion Week. The other day when Posh went to the Grove for back to school shopping - click here to see - I noted that she was in flats for safety to carry around her baby.

Well, the flats don't apply in New York. And certainly not during Fashion Week. These boots though look sturdier than the normal stiletto business she wears when she stomps around airports.

You know, Posh has been in seclusion since the birth. And somehow she ends up with new shoes and bags and whatever. Does she shop online like the rest of us? Of course not. What’s online is not what’s the latest. At least not for them. For her it’s door to door service. And all of it to be inherited by H7. Like, in grade 4 she’ll show up with an Hermes bag for her school books and call it “vintage”. Am loving this daydream already. They should start negotiating her reality show.

Photos from Jackson Lee/ and INF