It’s just more practical in Europe. You can’t SUV yourself everywhere – not even if you’re Beyonce and JayZ who have also taken the train when they’ve been there.

So here’s Victoria Beckham who was at Selfridges in Manchester yesterday to promote her new collection. She arrived earlier in the day at Manchester Piccadilly. Her look for the event? A white sweater over a pleated maxi skirt with a gold chain at the waist. I love it. But I’d like to see it on someone with hips. Would it work on someone with hips? I’m going to see if I can try the H&M version of this and get back to you.

Victoria tweeted and Instagrammed a lot of shots from her day. Including a few with hairstylist Ken Paves.

Remember when he was known for his connection to Jessica Simpson? That kinda went away and now he’s with Posh all the time. Question: upgrade or downgrade? Remember, there was a time when Posh was considered “chav”.