Victoria Beckham posted a teaser video for her upcoming online shoppe yesterday. It launches in February. In the preview -- see below -- Posh asks:

“What do people expect of me?”

She goes on to answer her own question:

“Hmmm...uhhh...(giggle)...I think people expect the best.”

They do?


Did I miss that when I was stuck in bed yesterday?

Did I miss the message that Victoria Beckham is now synonymous with “The Best”? And does Marc Jacobs get any credit for that? At a Q&A in New York recently, Jacobs repeated an anecdote he loves to tell about Victoria Beckham and the first time they met. Or, rather, how he took pity on her:

"When we did the graffiti bags with Stephen Sprouse there was a cover of a British newspaper with Posh Spice wearing a counterfeit one. As soon as it was produced, we sent her a real one. I hardly dreamed that my ultimate goal would be to have Posh Spice carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag. It was kind of funny."

This, apparently, is the bag in question according to people on message boards who remember these things.

And attached -- Posh shopping in London yesterday.