This is how you stay incognito walking through LAX and Heathrow.

Victoria Beckham travelled from Los Angeles to London yesterday and tried desperately to go unnoticed by wearing a large white hate, carrying a large white bag, in sky high heels, with Romeo and his teddy bear. Romeo used to look a lot like mum but is beginning to resemble dad more and more. Gorgeous boy. He should date Apple Martin. Gwyneth would lose her mind.

Posh is currently gearing up for mayjah promotion of her dress collection called “9 to 5” for “the chic-est supermoms on earth”.

Her designs are selling for on average US $3,000 each. Some go even higher. What’s the justification? Well because Posh describes them as “modern, luxury, and workaday”.


Click here to see the ads. Apparently they’re selling out quickly, on back order already, and celebrities are begging for freebies but Posh has been denying them with the exception no doubt of Anna Wintour who, as part of Posh’s push for the collection, has honoured her with an October vogue cover.

Anna will be on Letterman on Monday!

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