Until Anna finally pats her on the head and gives her a Vogue cover. Poor Posh keeps waiting and waiting and waiting. I love that bitch for holding out on her. Bet your concrete tits that saying “no not yet” to Victoria Beckham is Anna Wintour’s happy place.

For now then, Posh will simply have to satisfy herself with her new Armani underwear ads, unveiled today at Macy’s Herald Square in New York. As you can see, Mrs B is showing off the fruits of her starvation. And also the work of her plastic surgeon. Very impressive.

She contorted herself super extra to make sure you can see every great angle of her blazer over a pair of Swarovski leggings…

The hair looks great, non? Softer, tousled, she wears it so well. My Gwyneth wore it well too. This was years ago, remember?

Anyway, while Victoria was posing her tits off, David’s in London – was there yesterday visiting his former team Manchester United and his BFF Gary Neville. Click here for photos. Alone with the boys and his own hair styled his personal best quivering in his leather jacket…

He totally went home alone.


Photos from Wenn.com